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Saturday, 21 September 2019


Unified infrastructure.

Unlimited modularity.



All companies and individual managers have unique needs. Standardized solutions are not capable of handling all these needs and therefore would force the users to make compromises. Instead of changing the operation of your company to suit the limited capabilities of your software, do it the other way around!

Elastoffice's eoSERVER is based on the open source ERP platform of OpenERP. Elastoffice has developed a user-friendly and easily expandable modular system based on this infrastructure, providing a decent working environment for everyone. It is suitable for both start-up companies and multinational organizations.

The system is capable of adapting to the financial and legal environment, perfectly suited to the local needs (billing, accounting, treasury management, etc.). The standard modules of eoSERVER are: document and business workflow management, sales (CRM), project management, warehousing, human resource management, production management etc.

Elastoffice also offers customized solutions to solve specific needs, such our following modules: business document filing, eCommerce, fleet management, facility management, multi-level ticket handling or service support. These are all integrated into the eoSERVER environment.