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Saturday, 21 September 2019

Tailor-made to your needs.

Use only that you really need!

Adjust to your processes!

Tailor-made setup

Tailor-made setup

The introduction of a new ERP system should not limit the daily operations of your business!

Your interest dictates to have an ERP system that is flexible, affordable, easy to implement, customized to your needs, and provides rapid ROI. Choosing Elastoffice means you don’t need to worry that implementing a new ERP software will be time consuming and difficult to follow, because we paid special attention to offering a solution where costs and deadlines are predictable and fully observed.

Elastoffice offers flexible solutions so you are not forced to start with a rigid system, but with a solution that is shaped to your needs and supports real operation processes. We offer all this within a short period of time at an affordable price level. Within one week of ordering eoSERVER, you can use modules which allow you to fully monitor and manage the entire document processing within your company with integrated corporate communication.

Each Elastoffice system is user-friendly, well-designed and optimized. The rationalized structure is based on processes which analyze all operations through the eyes of the customer. Elastoffice offers functional modules, which can all be customized according to the customer's needs.