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Saturday, 21 September 2019

Fixed SaaS fees

Plan your expenditures.

Transparent service activities.

Fix Monthly Fees

Fix Monthly Fees

Elastoffice is committed to customers as a long-term partner, and our main objective is to provide an operation in which the client saves more money several times over than the amount they spend on monthly fees.

Thanks to Elastoffice, you can get an easily and quickly implementable ERP system. As part of the basic system, you can use a fully-integrated business management system from client management to the filing of tax reports. This can be further expanded with document management, project monitoring, online trading and other additional modules.

Our prices are calculated so that the cost of using a fully operational corporate data processing and management system by a small business (approximately 10 users) will not exceed half of the monthly salary of a staff assistant level employee.

There are many special additional modules that can be easily added to the basic system, even at a later time period.