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Saturday, 21 September 2019


Efficient, cost-effective

comprehensive management solution.

Corporate management with eoSERVER

Corporate management with eoSERVER

The unique Elastoffice solution

Elastoffice is the answer to the challenges of all business owners and managers seeking for a way to "solve the efficient and accurate management of a Company".

Elastoffice extended the traditional ERP functionality with the previously missing document processing and monitoring capabilities. The result is a new approach of management solution incorporating integrated document management functionality (DMS) into OpenERP, the world’s leading open source ERP solution. With eoSERVER we offer the processing capability of complex and sophisticated business documents (traditional paper based, eDocuments, Voice, Video etc.) and inclusive business workflow management together with the handling data received directly from a geographic information system (GIS) and a host of additional functions within OpenERP. The result is a flexible, yet rock solid Business Data Management Solution which is only available from Elastoffice or its authorized Partners.

With the help of eoSERVER the Company operations can be easily managed and controlled starting from the back-office through controlling the human and physical resources of the Company as well as generating all the reports required by management information systems (MIS) and tax authorities.