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Saturday, 21 September 2019

Elastoffice News

News on the Elastoffice Group.

Elastoffice News

Elastoffice News

May 13th 2013 - Budapest


Elastoffice AG invested € 1.000.000 into Business Telecom Plc. (a Hungarian company listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange) in order to start a new joint partnership. Please read the full statement in Hungarian on the following link:

Official press release

Participation release to, Iași – 24 th of May 2013

Elastoffice Romania, as an official partner of the conference series was represented at the event on 24 th of May 2013 in Iași by Mr. Mircea Munteanu, Sales Director.

He gave a speech on "Cloud computing and democratic access to software as a support for internationalization of business." The main thesis of exposure was the opportunity that almost all companies have today, whether they are small and medium-sized , to access IT services that in the past had prohibitive prices. So today, thanks to the use of cloud computing and open source systems, it is possible to equip companies with complex service management like ERP, CRM and other tools at discounted prices.

At the workshop supported by Mr. Mircea Munteanu, Elastoffice Romania’s Sales Director, were presented software solutions that can help companies and managers who want, in addition to more effective control of the business, accede foreign markets.

Participation release to Executive MBA, Iași – 24 th of May 2013

At the invitation of Mr. Marius Alexa, Professor of Entrepreneurship Executive MBA Program – Iași, Mr. Mircea Munteanu delivered a lecture on the future of IT in terms of Cloud Computing. He presented the students general principles in defining the concept of Cloud Computing, examples of areas to use cloud computing services for companies, and also an analysis of the future for Cloud Computing in Romania, from the perspective of future EU funding programs grant for 2014-2020 period.

Participation release to Tele M broadcasting, Iași – 24 th of May 2013

The Sales Director of Elastoffice Romania was invited to a debate on economic issues at TeleM - Iaşi. Along with Mr. Marius Alexa – Arhipelago founder and Mr. Ionut Țața – Iceberg founder, were analyzed the new economic challenges regarding export operations of Romanian enterprises, the potential development of IT and innovation clusters and the advantages of using Cloud Computing IT solutions towards increasing efficiency and versatility of the companies. The show can be watched following the link below:

Intalnirea de Afaceri - 24 mai 2013 - Conferinta