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Saturday, 21 September 2019


Service activity tracking.

All the information at your fingertips all the time!



Elastoffice was assigned by a customer to develop a unique solution on the OpenERP platform, in which they can track and monitor the company's extensive service activities. The most important requirement was that our client could dynamically follow the events in real time, regardless of the physical location of the service personnel.

Elastoffice builds a system which includes tablets that connect directly to the central OpenERP server. Each member of the service group – using 25 vehicles nationwide – receives their tasks through their tablets and can immediately record their activities, material usage and material needs using the extended project and warehouse management of eoSERVER the same way.

Valid information on the working time, materials used or the products handed over are instantly available and can be centrally invoiced even before the personnel leave the service site. By using the service module of eoSERVER, companies can significantly increase their efficiency, since practically no paperwork is required. Furthermore, all events become more transparent for both the management and their clients. It is easier to trace all the completed works and tasks, which greatly enhances the confidence of the customers towards the service provider.