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Saturday, 21 September 2019

Integrated webshop

Automated processes.

Full control, seamless service.



Today, e-commerce is a necessity for almost every company and in many cases it is the most important sales channel. Elastoffice developed a solution (eoSHOP) in which the eCommerce activity takes place online but all the necessary data and commands come directly from the ERP system. As a result, it is possible to monitor and check the inventory and availability of any product in real-time, which takes into consideration the fact that prices might vary dynamically depending on the client. Of course, the eCommerce solution of Elastoffice has safety features which ensure that the portal operation does not pose a threat to the integrity of the corporate data.

Since eoSHOP is part of the ERP system, an order can automatically initiate multiple internal processes: production orders, purchasing, billing, shipping, warehouse movements, etc.

It is enough to change the images, descriptions, or prices of the products in OpenERP for all the changes to immediately appear on the website, so there is no need for double administration and most customer complaints can be avoided.

Existing web pages can also be connected to the eoSHOP module, so the transition time and implementation costs can be significantly reduced.