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Saturday, 21 September 2019


One Time Password authentication

with a free mobile app.



eoPASS is an internationally patented Elastoffice AG development.

It is an authentication solution that is safer, easier to use and significantly more cost-effective than any other currently popular token or text message-based systems.

  • In the eoPASS system one-time passwords are generated by a free mobile application.
  • There is no need for mobile network coverage to receive the code.
  • The code generation doesn’t generate any web-based data traffic.
  • One app can provide access to as many systems as you want.
  • Each code generation is completely free.
  • Multiple authentication solutions are supported (Class1/2/3).
  • Duress code management is possible.

For detailed information about the system and its functionality, please review the following presentation on eoPASS.