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Saturday, 21 September 2019


Up to date fleet information.

Securely controlled operations.



Elastoffice integrates GIS module processing capabilities (developed by Camptocamp SA, Lausane, Switzerland) into eoSERVER, making it possible to process all kinds of GPS data within the ERP. GIS module provides eoSERVER with fleet tracking capabilities or journey reporting and cost monitoring of individual vehicles within the OpenERP system. We provide all the necessary tools to make eoFLEET capable of processing any data received from vehicles within the ERP system.

Regardless of the kind of fleet your dealing with - cars, buses, trucks, agricultural or construction machinery - we can provide the necessary monitoring for your company, thus helping to optimize your expenses. To track your vehicle fleet movement in real-time and instantly filter out the potential misuse of your fleet, we use real data within OpenERP.

Use fleet management to effectively plan your routes and find the shortest way to your partners. You can control and track fuel consumption and its costs allocated to individuals vehicles, persons or projects. It's easy to keep track of all the documentation in OpenERP. This includes vehicle registration, driver’s papers, service intervals and tire information, allowing you to set deadline warnings.