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Saturday, 21 September 2019

Serviced Workplace

Reduced costs, increased efficiency.

Infrastructure and services for all your needs.

Elastoffice Serviced Workplace

Elastoffice Serviced Workplace

Serviced Workplace

The Serviced Workplace model is based on the realization that the company's headquarters and the site of the daily operations aren't necessarily in the same place. If the necessary information is always available for decision-makers, each task can be done at the most economical location. Company employees can work over the internet using VoIP and other technologies to communicate. This is the essence of the Virtual Company concept which can be easily served by Elastoffice technologies.

The Serviced Workplace system of Elastoffice AG provides a complete solution for Virtual Business:

  1. Traditional enterprise services
    • Official registration and prestigious office location
    • Non-stop reception, postal, telephone and scanning services
    • Fixed or temporary office use
    • Meeting and conference rooms
    • Parking lot
    • 25 year lease hold
  2. Virtual company's IT system supported with eoSERVER
    • Continuous service for the company through the required server setup
    • eoDOCUMENT records and document management system
    • OpenERP software
    • GIS applications (fleet management)
  3. Other services
    • Scan & Go operations at the reception
    • Document handling, filing and archiving
    • Accounting, and legal representation before authorities
    • Expert services provided on the basis of individual agreements (tax experts, business law)

    1. The Serviced Workplace Service of Elastoffice AG is an international and country independent solution.