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Saturday, 21 September 2019


Integrated document management.

Total control over information!

Documents under control

Documents under control

Obtain total control over the files, documents and workflows of your company!

The eoDOCUMENT solution of Elastoffice is a complete document and file management module of eoSERVER that is accessible in real-time, 24/7 from anywhere in the world. In this well-organized and easy to navigate system, uploading or downloading documents and viewing or editing these files are extremely easy. The sensitive information of your company are safely stored on our protected servers while you can communicate with your colleagues while your documents are at hand and you can keep track of the daily work and activity of your company.

With eoDOCUMENT you can provide transparency and control over business documents and workflows. By connecting all communication to the documents there are no more misinterpretations or communication problems. You can trace all processes without receiving tons of emails in cc: or bcc: to your mailbox. In the online document management system implemented by Elastoffice, all incoming documents (invoices, contracts, delivery notes, etc.) are immediately visible to all responsible parties. It is clear to all users which stage the documents are in and who has the responsibility for them. The workflow and approval protocols are fully regulated and can be easily customized to unique company needs without programming.

When using eoDOCUMENT, besides having all documents digitized, every paper is physically archived right after the scanning process. Paper-based documents are provided with a bar code and digital versions automatically get a unique identification number. There will be no more searching and sending duplicated documents around. Each document is immediately at hand when needed, and additionally, all communication related to the document can be traced. If at any time you need a specific document – even dated back by years – it will be on your screen in the matter of seconds.

Elastoffice eoDOCUMENT is natively integrated into OpenERP and its financial module:

  • During accounting, the invoice appears at a click of a button.
  • All business history and partners are handled in a common database.
  • When an authorized party accepts an invoice, all related data (partner, dates, sums, etc.) are immediately and automatically pushed to the books, eliminating double entries and significant administrative burdens.
  • Electronic invoices are instantly manageable and approvable.