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Saturday, 21 September 2019

ERP naturally!

GPS-based tracking.

Real-time wildlife records.

Natural Parks Management

Natural Parks Management

Elastoffice Romania is involved in a special EU tender where the use of GIS (Geographic Information System) as part of the eoSERVER serves the requirements of the project. The tender requires a solution that can keep track of all protected species and plants in Romanian natural conservation areas and that records and tracks breeding sites and migration routes. Based on this information the authorities can make decisions on granting or denying individual developments.

The individual creatures to be observed are equipped with a GPS device and all data received from these units are handled by the eoSERVER. Our system records the information and can display it on maps and reports. The GIS-based system doesn’t only record coordinates but also other valuable information that are available for in-depth data analysis within the ERP system.

Of course, this system is not only perfect for tracking animals, but also for tracing all types of properties, valuables or individuals.